Your accomodation in the city center

We want you to feel at home. To do this, we work to provide our facilities with a set of services that make your stay as pleasent as possible.

All that your boat need

Whether your stay for a short time, whether you are with us for a long season, to return to the sea it is necessary to have everything ready.

We offer you our facilities and our trusted contacts to do so.

Club benefits associated to the RCNC

Throughout its history, the Club has been forging relationships with a large number of entities, in our country and abroad.

As a result of this friendship, we have established correspondences, so that our partners and theirs can enjoy multiple advantages whenever we visit them or visit us.

In the heart of the city

The city of La Coruña is the balcony of the Atlantic, a city that opens to the sea by the estuary of La Coruña and by the cove of Orzán.

Enjoying its promenade, beaches, old city, historical environment, magical surroundings, its gastronomy and its people is a memory that we would love for all our users to take with them.

Enjoy our celebrations

La Coruña is always beautiful, but if you want to enjoy its festivals, these are the most important:

  • Carnivals: Carnivals are typical throughout Galicia for their gastronomy, but in Coruña they are celebrated with costumes, joys and troupes.
  • Easter holydays: The city shows its most believing roots with processions, thrones with their images and the most faithful accompanying them.
  • Fiestas de María Pita: In the middle of the summer. Coruña celebrates its most important holidays with concerts and several performance.
  • Christmas: The city is decked out in lights and a festive atmosphere to celebrate its most familiar parties.

All the help you need

The entire team of Marina Real work to ensure that our clients enjoy all the charm of our city and our Marina.

We try to generate experiences, help in any way possible and leave a good memory. Our greatest achievement is that our clients repeat and recommend us.


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Where we are?

Our facilities are located in the nautical-sports area of ​​the Arzobispo Gelmírez Dock, inside the port of A Coruña, which is why it offers one of the best coats to stay all year with the greatest and best security for your boat.

LAT: 43º 22,2´N LON: 08º23,6´W
IHN: 412, 412A y 4126
UKHO:1111, 114y 1118
SHOM: 7598 y 6665

Marina Real - RCNC
Muelle Arzobispo Gelmiréz s/n - 15001 La Coruña
T. +34 981 117 141 | F. +34 981 914 144 | VHF CH: 9
Servicio 24hrs marineria +34 650 053 130